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Types Of Haunting: A Brief Explanation

With hauntings it is relatively easy to class the situation into a general cause-effect category, and by doing so it makes it much easier to determine the most appropriate course of action to rectify the situation. While some hauntings may have many components, and many sub-causes, it is still important to have a systematic investigation and treatment plan. Otherwise, it can be all to easy to find ourselves caught up in the mystery and adventure of the "Haunted House" which can actually make the problem worse. By remaining objective, and by following a standard course of investigation, we can more clearly view and handle the situation. The categories I am listing here are the most broad that can be reasonably used, and the reason is simple. Step-by-Step we investigate, and step-by-step we become more focused and closer to the cause-cure. By simply jumping into exact decisions, we can easily miss the fundamental cause, and end up with either a situation that recurs, or one that worsens.

Spirit Haunting

The meaning of a spirit haunting should be rather obvious. By this I mean that a spirit haunting is a human spirit. Non-Human intelligences are dealt with under "Entity Haunting". And yes, there is a very real and very big difference.
With the human spirit haunting we find many good examples, and a few bad ones. The exact cause is situation specific, and cannot be generalized well. Each such haunting requires its own individual exploration, and handling. And while you can say that many will be similar, none will be exactly the same. Now, consider the nature of the human spirit and mind.

Even if two hauntings are identical in reason, effect, and location, the human spirit is different (unless it is the same person back again, a clear indication that previous actions taken to rectify the situation failed). With each person, and spirit, there are differences. And it is these differences, no matter how drastic, or how subtle, that make each human spirit haunting require its own special and dedicated attention and solution.

Of course, it is still most possible for a good number of human spirit hauntings to be remedied quickly and easily. If we go in with an open mind, and flexible approach it is likely that the problem could be cured within a few hours in one visit, or a few visits of a few hours each.

Entity Haunting

Let us use the term "Entity" to reference non-human intelligences. While this kind of haunting can be nearly identical to "Spirit" hauntings, we should accept that there can be minor differences that will make a big difference in the end. Not always, but this is a good approach to take.

Entities often have motives, emotions, and reactions that are much like "normal people". This means that we must be careful. While these are "non-human", that does not mean that we are able to treat them with any less respect. The most common mistake I have seen made in the handling of such non-human hauntings is the disrespectful treatment given. Even the ugliest and meanest must be treated with an element of respect. And please remember, that respect does not mean to be necessarily oozing kindness or sympathy. It simply means that we don't have the right to treat any intelligent being with malice, cruelty, disrespect, or otherwise degrading tactics. That is right, we don't have the right. But, many don't really care about that. So, lets approach this from a different angle for a moment. Why lower ourselves to the level of an "evil" or "negative" entity? All we do is degrade and diminish ourselves, generate a ton of negative energy, and perhaps break the very "blessings" that we are using to clean the house. After all, it makes very little sense to try to cleanse a haunted house using hate, malice, and viciousness. In fact, it is most likely that we will only weaken ourselves, and strengthen the entity.
As a final note, remember that not all entities are bad. And often times, they can be treated almost identically to normal human spirit hauntings. The energy makeup, and the fundamental motivations may differ, but not enough to make a big issue in most cases. And indeed, we are talking non-human, haunting a human region. Think about that for a second. Spirits can find it terrifying; now imagine the possible impact on a foreign intelligence trapped thus.

Energy Haunting

Energy hauntings can be the most fun. They are nothing more than collections of energy, with no real conscious intelligence. Of course, they can exhibit the behavior of other types of hauntings, especially spirit or entity hauntings. Over time, the energy collects from various sources and events, slowly (or under some circumstances, quite quickly) producing enough energy to start randomly causing manifestations. As time passes, and the proximity to live people, and other intelligent forces accumulates, the energy will begin to mimic those essences. While I won't comment too far on this, it is possible that over enough time, energy collection, and exposure, such an essence could possibly take on its own existence and life. Needless to say, that last statement won't be expanded upon.

Psychosomatic Haunting

As I am sure you can tell by the title, this kind of haunting is simply a figment of the imagination. I won't go too far into discussing this particular situation, or the cures for it since it is a very sensitive issue, and best left to those with a good amount of experience.

But I am sure that you can tell that it would be a really bad idea to ask a person "have you had your dosage checked?" Indeed, this is the most fragile situation you can run into with respect to hauntings, or at least it surely is one of the most fragile.

This kind of haunting can simulate any type, or types, of real hauntings. It can also produce visible affects as can a real haunting, except that in this case the disturbances are unknowingly caused by the person being haunted, and not by any actual outside force.

One real downside to this situation is that if it is intense enough, a real haunting can be attracted to the person.

Haunting Modifiers: A Brief Explanation

Sometimes, hauntings are a little more intricate. They can be focused on specific people, specific places, or times of the year, events, etc. This section will give you a brief idea of how these particular factors work, and what effect they can have.

Personally Focused Haunting

A haunting can be focused on a specific person. When a haunting is thus disposed, it can and often does follow the person from home to home, continuing the haunting regardless of how many times the individual relocates. This is the one kind of haunting that I dread more than any other. The haunting can be attracted by events in the persons past, or events in their current life. It is difficult to deal with the form of haunting with great effectiveness, because it depends almost entirely upon the person being haunted, and their openness and honesty. Sometimes, these types of hauntings occur for almost random reasons, but often they are drawn by something about that person that is out of the ordinary. I think you can understand the sensitivity of such issues, and the difficulty in pinpointing the issue.

Object Focused Haunting

Sometimes hauntings are attracted because of a certain object or "thing" as their focus and drawing point. This in itself is fairly easy to deal with, by simply locating the object, clearing it properly, and then disposing of it. I wouldn't recommend the garbage can either. It could be considered offensive or hostile, and only provoke the haunting further. The best bet is to dispose of it by tossing it a field or forest, somewhere out in the countryside, hopefully where it is unlikely to attract much attention. This way, any energies remaining in or around the object will be better able to disperse peacefully. Needless to say, sometimes people aren't too willing to part from their possessions to rid themselves of a haunting and in this case, it can make it a more difficult process to remove the haunting permanently.

Location Focused Haunting

This type of haunting is almost the same as an object focused haunting, except that it is focused on a place instead of a thing. With these forms of haunting it is critical to find out WHY the haunting is focused on this specific location. The most likely reasons are events that have occurred, or simply being stuck there and finding that it has become like "home" to them. Without at least a little effort put into finding out the motivation for the haunting, and resolving this particular issue, the chance of a recurrence of the haunting is rather high. The source reason must be dealt with in all haunting situations, otherwise, there is little reason to think that the haunting will not recur once the methods and energies used to clear the haunting have dispersed.

Time And Event Focused Haunting

Sometimes, there can be a specific time or event that triggers a haunting. This can be yearly, weekly, daily, or any other pattern that relates to specific events or times. Needless to say, the less frequent the events are, the more difficult it is to track, interact with, and ultimately clear, the haunting becomes. These tend to be more common hauntings than people might realize, but this is simply because such hauntings are not constant and therefore do not attract attention as much as most others. Of course, it can have the exact opposite effect depending on the time/event that is involved. It is nearly impossible to be more specific about this type of haunting focus as the factors involved will most likely be very specific to both the haunting and the time/event.

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