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Spirit types


Orb - A form of energy that seems easiest for spirits to take. These will show up in photos as a ball of light, varying in size. Most orbs are not visible at the time the photo was taken. Dust directly in front of the camera lens can look similar to a spirit orb.

Plasmoid - Plasmoids, also known as "Orbs in Motion", are basically orbs that move during the time of camera exposure. They will show up as a short streak of light, or as an orb with a tail, suggesting motion. These are easier to distinguish as not being dust, because they are moving at very high speeds. Most plasmoids are not visible at the time the photo was taken. Some fast falling objects (such as rain drops) can show up looking like plasmoids, though, so don't try to take photos in those types of conditions.

Ectoplasm & Misting - Usually shows up looking like smoke or fog in photos. It is a mist that usually isn't visible at the time the photo is taken, but can fill who areas without you even knowing it.

Vortex - Vortexes are also technically orbs. A vortex occurs when an orb is moving at a VERY high speed, and streaked all the way across the camera's field of view during exposure. This gives the look of a long streak or funnel, and sometimes can look like a string was held front of the camera lens. This is one of the reasons you shouldn't use camera straps, they can show up looking like a vortexes if they get in front of the lens.

Shadow People - "Shadow People" are exactly what they sound like. They are unexplainable shadows in photographs and video, and sometimes you can even see them with the naked eye. These are believed to be associated with dark entities, possible evil or angry spirits.

Glowies - Not a technical term obviously, glowies are small points of light that seem to glow like a firefly. They are visible to the naked eye most of the time, and can be caught on photographs, too. They can be any color, but I have mainly seen them as sparkles of white, red, or green. They could possible be orbs compacted into a smaller form of concentrated energy.

Spook Lights - Spook lights are basically orbs that easily visible to the naked eye. They tend to show up in the same place frequently as balls of light, float around for a few minutes before fading, and sometimes even explode into a mist of light before disappearing.

Energy Lights - These are usually associated with a manifestation of some sort, and show up in photos as colored lights. Energy lights are usually not visible to the naked eye at the time the photo is taken. The ones I have taken and seen have all been of an orange color, and sometimes even take the shape of an apparition, or part of an apparition.

Apparation - The most rare of all photographic anomalies, this is actually capturing on film a manifestation. An apparition is a spirit that has taken human form, and has come down to a wavelength visible to infrared based cameras, and/or the human eye. Sometimes they aren't visible to the human eye, and sometimes they are visible. Usually associated with energy lights, these are very rare indeed.

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